• Clinical Medicine

Clinical epilepsy

Neurobiological and behavioral aspects in the population with epilepsy

Clinical neuropsychology

Diagnostic imaging

Experimental models of epilepsy

  • Clinical Electrophysiology



Cortical electrical stimulation

  • Evolutionary and Development Biology

Development and plasticity of the brain

Evolution of brain structures

Population variation in phenotypic characters of the brain

Quantification of complex biological structures

  • Sleep and Memory

Labilization, reconsolidation and strengthening of memory during sleep and wakefulness

Transfer and redistribution of new information during slee

The role of sleep in new words’ acquisition

  • Cognitive Neuroscience

Functional neuroimaging of cognitive domains

Language and emotional processing

Brain asymetries

Cognitive neuropsychiatry

  • Cognition and Aging

Clinic of the memory for the diagnosis of cognitive deterioration in vulnerable population

Biomedical research for the study of biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease

  • Engineering

Processing of biomedical signals in neurosciences

Characterization of brain activity sources

Analysis and quantification of biomedical images

Computational simulation in biomedicine and neurosciences

Planning and simulation of neuroimaging-guided treatment