With the aim of promoting a model of comprehensive care that improves the quality of life of older people, a promotion program for active and healthy aging was proposed in 2015 at the Integrated Medical Assistance (AMI) clinics, Hospital El Cruce Néstor Kirchner, Florencio Varela. AMI covers the demand for interconsultations of the PAMI members residing in Florencio Varela, which amount to a population of 13,000 retired people / pensioners.

From September 2015 to the present, the team that integrates the Neurosciences Service of the Hospital El Cruce (SN) and the Executing Unit of Studies in Neurosciences and Complex Systems (ENyS, CONICET-HEC-UNAJ) has created an area of ​​Neurology where all patients referred by professionals of the PAMI Network in the region or by AMI professionals are received.

To date, the area of ​​neurology covers the requirements of assistance with the counter-transfer system to GPs and works on the follow-up of patients who have already joined the area, within the framework of the memory clinic, created for that purpose.

On the other hand, we study this population that due to demographic, social, cultural and age characteristics are of interest in the field of Neurosciences.

What is healthy aging? Explanotory video in Spanish


Silvia Kochen, PhD


Julieta Lisso, PhD

Zulma Sevillano, PhD

Nancy Medel, BSc

Patricia Solís, PhD