4th Neuroscience and Art Seminar


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Wednesday, August 29, 2018, at El Cruce Hospital. Av. Calchaquí 5501, Florencio Varela

Coordinator: PhD. Prof. Lucy M. Alba-Ferrara

Scientific Program:

13:30 hs. Accreditation and welcome. Auditorium 1

14:00 hs. "Alterations in GABAergic neurons produced by perinatal asphyxia and its relationship with psychiatric pathologies". PhD. Pablo Vázquez. Buenos Aires University.

15:00 hs. "Nosology of non-affective psychoses in the era of personalized medicine." PhD Prof. Gabriel de Erausquin. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA.

16:00 hs. "Functional neuroimaging in discordant siblins for schizophrenia: emotion, social cognition and moral judgment". PhD Prof. Salvador Guinjoan. FLENI-University of Buenos Aires.

17:00 hs. "Auditory processing in the spectrum of schizophrenia." PhD Prof. Lucy M. Alba-Ferrara. ENyS-CONICET.

Artistic Program:

Art exhibition inspired on the works of MD Florentino Sanguinetti, coordinated and presented by Plastic Artist Micaela Patania. ALMA magazine shall be delivered to the attendees.