"Life is not what you lived, but what you remember and how you remember to tell about it."

Gabriel García Márquez

Our team works in the field of neurosciences, our main objective being to understand how memories are formed, and how they can be modified during sleep and wakefulness. Our research goes from the Basic Science studying how sleep participates in the improvement of memories, transfer of information between different brain areas, and integration of new information in pre-existing mnesic networks, to Applied Science studying how to improve memory during sleep in elderly people, patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's disease and Temporary Epilepsy.

Team's website (in Spanish)


Cecilia Forcato, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellows

Francisco Gallo, CONICET 's postdoctoral fellow


Malen Daiana Moyano, BSc (Biotecnologist), CONICET's PhD Fellow

Leonela Tassone, BSc (Psychologist), CONICET's PhD Fellow

Facundo Urreta Benítez, BSc (Psychologist), CONICET's PhD Fellow

Nerea Herrero, CONICET's PhD Fellow

University students

Camila Jorge (BSc student, Psychology)

Matías Bonilla (BSc student, Psychology)

Current interns

Paula Martínez

Delfina Rochon

Former assistants and interns

Daniela Andrea Langianese

Carolina Palacios

Fernanda Alcaraz

Leonel Campos Valdés (Mexico)

María Eugenia Samman

Lic. Tatiana Romero (Spain)

Lic. Julia Carbone


Susanne Diekelmann, PhD, Tübingen University, Germany

Jan Born, PhD, Tübingen, University, Germany

Shaozheng Qin, PhD, Peking University, China

Jingyi Wang, PhD, Peking University, China

Eugenio Rodríguez, PhD, Catholic University, Chile

Laura Kaczer, PhD, Buenos Aires University, Argentina

María Eugenia Pedreira, PhD, Buenos Aires University, Argentina

María Ángeles Alonso, PhD, Laguna University, Spain

Tatiana Romero Arias, BSc, Laguna University, Spain

Ignacio Larrabide, PhD, PLADEMA, Tandil, Argentina